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Me & Mr. Jones

Me & Mr. Jones
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On November 3, 2007, I met Mr. James Earl Jones at a Block Party event in Doylestown. Here is a photo my mother took (I unfortunately forgot to change the settings to Auto on my camera, hence it is so contrasty).

You are probably wondering why he was at a block party in Doylestown, well let me tell you.

There is a new makeover show in town and it is all about upgrading your technology with Verizon FiOs. They are testing (I believe) this new venture with 5 families, one happening to be in, you guessed it, Doylestown. The Buckley Family! Congratulations!

How did I find out about this great new show you ask? A very dear old friend of mine is a part of the show. He is in fact one of the Tech Gurus who makes incredible Rockin inventions for each family, he is so good at what he does, they've dubbed him "Mad Scientist". Let me tell you he has made some incredible inventions over the years I've known …


Hello again to any out there.

The past few months have been busy, busy, and more busy with Weddings, parties and well you name it and I couldn't quite get to blog.

So, this past weekend I rounded up the last of my Weddings with the exception of one Reception which will be in December and also the great "Breakfast with Santa" hosted by the Moms Club of Buckingham. A fun great Charity I've had the honor of doing 3 years in a row now. Truly fun to see all the kids smiling up or um, crying up at Santa... ;)

I've also just recently completed a CD to give to the Charity I volunteered to photograph on September 22, 2007, called Operation First Response. St. Andrews, the church I got married at threw a great fund raiser and silent auction for this great cause which helps our wounded heroes who come home and are financially in need.

There were all kinds of fun activities with face painting to dunk tank to military vehicles. There was …


So it has been yet another month since I posted.

It has been one hectic month with many ups and downs.

I've been on Jenny Craig now for 6 weeks total and loss of a total 5.8Ibs with 5.5 inches off. Not TOO bad considering I was already semi-healthy. I have 20Ibs more to go. I hope to get it all off and keep it all off until I am at least 60... ;)

Still striving to get my website built - it has been more stressful than I care to mention. But I do have a layout out invisioned now that is simple, elegant and easy to manage (I hope) :)

I have also been photographing Weddings and other misc. things are getting accomplished. There is so many it is hard to complete all of them. But so far so good.

I will definately put more photos up within the coming weeks. I just want to get one thing accomlished at a time so I am not overwhelmed with deadlines.

Also the Months of July and August is Birthday Season - broke time - so Weddings in the midst of birthdays is, well, let's just say my house nee…

Ryan Joseph Gross Christening

Since I've been neglecting my blog I've decided to go with the flow rather than give a time line from last year and pretty much do what I've been supposed to be doing from the beginning - just blog! Yup - just blog! *laugh* I guess because I wanted to start from last year and catch up I started to procrastinate which leads to nothing getting done - which means no one consistently reading and keeping whomever may or may not be reading coming back to...well... read and view.

Needless to say I will eventually get to our Honeymoon, my appearance on the Weekend Edition of the Today Show 2006 (awesome experience), all the 2006 Engagements and Weddings and even further back favorite photos, family gatherings and whatever experiences come my way.

Tonight I wanted to start with something that happened today! Our newest cousin's Christening! Yes people - today - it happened today... Don't faint.

Ryan Joseph Gross - newest cousin - son of George & Lori Gross III and such…

April 26, 2006

PIRATE NIGHT - Continued from last post...

Pirate night was a blast for the kids as well as the adults. It was Disney at it's best on a Cruise ship. A great show with all the Characters as well as fireworks! Yup this ship had fireworks. Supposedly the only one that does it. Then again, I've never been on another Cruise so who knows.

They had a sing along on stage for the kids (Skylar was down in front seeing everything), then Mickey flying through the sky to rescue us from Captain Hook. Then Fireworks in Celebration of the rescue. And finally a showing of Pirates of the Caribbean, but I think we went to bed in the middle of it. After all it was almost 1am.

Minnie and Goofy dancing it up!

Skylar up on the Big Screen! Can you pick her out?

Stitch even showed up... :) Taking time out from Hawaii.

Andrea looking Beautiful.

Kaleel - not sure if he was exhausted or just plain surprised at the camera. Uh, I think he was exhausted because I think this was the first time I saw him …

April 26, 2006 COZUMEL

April 26, 2006 Cozumel

From our ship.

The very next day on our Disney Cruise we ventured into Cozumel. Dave and I picked another excursion for this day, one that we thought incorporated a good day of hiking, which turned out to be a day of walking from a bus to ruins, walking through ruins, back to bus, then to the beach. One good thing about the excursion Dad & Peggy decided to do the same one so we had company along the way. We split at the end after the beach to see if we couldn't get some bargain shopping in. Uh. I stink at bargaining... :)

Cozumel was devastated by Hurricane Emily the year before. The Cozumel docking ports were still in the middle of reconstruction so we had to, once again, tender over to land. You could see the devastation which occurred throughout Cozumel. We were told by our guide within a short period of time (I think he said 23 days or perhaps it was 36 days) the majority of main tourist spots were rebuilt.

This pier/dock was the place most cruis…

Disney Cruise - April 25, 2006

April 25th 2006 - Grand Cayman

There is only one problem with a cruise and that is having a deadline to be back on board. So thinking of this gives limited time as to what to do on location, in a beautiful foreign destination. Many things to do so little time to do it, so Dave and I decided to do an excursion to see HELL, (yes Hell, Grand Cayman for those of you who don't know of its existence), a beautiful Tortoise reserve with many, many sea turtles being born and living the life oh and then the RUM cake factory (Tortuga) YUM!

Hell, Grand Cayman was definitely a tourist trap, but fun. There is a very strange and unusual formation which to me up close looks like black coral. I forget how big in diameter the guide said the formation is so I will only get to show you some photos. Unfortunately we are obstructing most of the black stuff.

This is how they've made it "touristy" however it is still fun to see a sign saying "welcome to hell" now I just have to f…

April 24, 2006 - A day at sea

A Day at Sea

I apologize for the delay these last few weeks. I thought I would have been almost done 2006 by now. I am still on our Disney Cruise. So without further delay I wanted to put out first day at sea up here before Heroes come on (yes I am addicted to the new show).

The first day at sea was very relaxing. We took full advantage of the ship and the "Adult" swimming pool and I actually got up early and worked out at the gym they have at the front top deck of the ship. One of the best workouts I've ever experienced. You do not look at yourself in the mirror or see the person next to you. Oh no, what I was staring at while on the stationary bike was endless ocean. Gorgeous, beautiful ocean and the front bow of the boat gently aggressively cutting through the small waves below. Oh and if I remember correctly there was another cruise ship diagonal from ours several miles away. A definite peaceful scene.

After the bike went back to Dave who was still sleeping (…