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Oh and here are the tongue / play shots



The Kids!

I did a little photo shoot of my kittens experimenting with lighting and actually getting some animal photos with the light and background. Bootsy Collins and Tinkerbell were not cooperating as much I hoped they would, but I got a couple of fun shots - I mean they are my new babies after all.. ;P



Coming Soon

It has been a very long time since I have written on my new blog and hopfully within the next few months this will change. I am currently working on a brand new website that will show off my new and updated wedding photos (in a timely and fun way) as well as me, being able to talk/write about my favorite photos of each Wedding, engagement, birthday and experience in photography I have had through out the months and future months. And of course if ANYONE is interested in some of the things I have to say. ;)

I have been to SEVERAL birthdays this summer - many milestones (my family are ALL SUMMER babies) and many fun and exciting weddings! So stay tuned!