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Me & Mr. Jones

Me & Mr. Jones
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On November 3, 2007, I met Mr. James Earl Jones at a Block Party event in Doylestown. Here is a photo my mother took (I unfortunately forgot to change the settings to Auto on my camera, hence it is so contrasty).

You are probably wondering why he was at a block party in Doylestown, well let me tell you.

There is a new makeover show in town and it is all about upgrading your technology with Verizon FiOs. They are testing (I believe) this new venture with 5 families, one happening to be in, you guessed it, Doylestown. The Buckley Family! Congratulations!

How did I find out about this great new show you ask? A very dear old friend of mine is a part of the show. He is in fact one of the Tech Gurus who makes incredible Rockin inventions for each family, he is so good at what he does, they've dubbed him "Mad Scientist". Let me tell you he has made some incredible inventions over the years I've known …