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Happy 2009 Year!

I am back and ready to kick 2009 to another level!

Happy New Year to all!

It was a long rocky road in 2008 and I believe I came out with a more positive, hopeful and grateful to have learned all that I did attitude and again ready to get focused on the things I want to accomplish. There are several, several goals to achieve and I am not stopping until I persevere. ;)

Since I've skipped several entries - I just wanted to get back into the swing of things and start off by showing some photos I did last year of the last three Weddings I did of the year.

First was my Beautiful Step-sisters Wedding.

Amy and David had a beautiful and unique Wedding, due to the fact it was the first I ever did in someone's backyard. What I loved about it, was that she had it outdoors (always love natural lighting - best lighting there is). Second after the ceremony, instead of the typical seed throwing, bubble blowing crowd marital acknowledgment, she had everyone let balloons fly up into the atmospher…