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Flush Bound pages

Wanted to share a couple of Flush bound pages that I've designed with my clients for the their ultimate Wedding album.

I do love the way the pages look and I am so anxious to send the finished product to them.

Again these are just a few - this blushing bride has 40 pages of her special day so you can tell she picked A LOT of photos. Awesome Katie! T.J. you are going to love it!

Wish I could do this all day, unfortunately I have to get ready for my other job... ARRRGGGHHH... Soon - so very soon...

Until next post!

Been awhile

It has been awhile since I posted. 2008 is turning into a bizarre year. I don't know about any of you bloggers out there, but for me it is a year to be "tested". I just hope I have been getting good grades... ;)

Which brings me to some work related blogging. I've recently completed some beautiful Weddings that I am thrilled about. I love some of the photos I was able to get and I will be placing them up with in the week. I am normally very critical of my work, but I was having a ton of fun at the Weddings as some of you may have seen...LOL!

Many of my beautiful couples have been, finally, coming out of the wood work to get their albums designed and completed, and I want to say to them, a very well deserved THANK YOU! Thank you for all of your patience!

Again, it has been a very bizarre year for me, and I haven't gotten things to you on time like I usually do, so I say again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind patience.

The finished product…

New Website

Ok - so I do not have any viewers, yet... But all that is going to change VERY soon! I have found the best webhosting/design website for artists like me!

I am so incredibly excited about the website I put together and will be launching it sometime in the next few days! Yes it will need tweaking since I am way too anxious to get it up and running, but with in the coming months I should have it pretty much perfected with links, photos of my work and whatever else I can think of as I go.

Last weekend I was surfing the net - and this is why I love Google so much - I stumbled upon a another photographers website (admiring how professional it looked) and I happened to notice a small - itty bitty icon at the top of his page, so what else is there to do then to CLICK on it? Right? :P

So that icon took me to Other Peoples Pixels and well - they have taken my anxioty of finding a reasonable/affordable web design site away. They are the perfect match of design and webhosting all wrapped up into…


So, this year has started on a different note for me. Several things have happened, several things that have shown how strong I can be and learning experiences I didn't think would happen so soon. For all intent purposes, it is better I have found and experienced this now rather than later.

Some have said blogging can be therapeutic, and I agree, however for me it is a way to say some views to those who may be concerned of my well being that may not be able to come out of the woodwork to see how I am doing by not feeling it is morally correct to communicate through email or phone. Either way I want them all to know I am doing better and I am moving a long day by day, going with the flow and staying confident and optimistic through it all and above all still trying to have fun. Love to have that fun...

I do miss the friends and family I had become close to, but I understand how sometimes in unfamiliar circumstances it can be clouded of what is right and what is wrong to do. Uncom…