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Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School

Dr. Sketchy's The Anti-Art School was introduced to me back in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by an incredibly talented friend Steve Cleff (who now runs the Philadelphia Dr. Sketchy's chapter, previously run by Nicola Black) before I came out to Las Vegas. I am a huge supporter of art and was very anxious to find out more about this once a month outting.

I had an awesome time at the Super Heroes vs. Super Villains session. My photography eye widened with excitement as I went into an artistic inspirational flow. I started snapping away, looking for a way to create artful images and to photograph models. Something I haven't done exclusively yet and have been wanting to do so for some time now.  Below are some images from that first themed session.

Now that I am in Las Vegas I was very happy to find out that Dr. Sketchy's is a nationwide and worldwide phenomena. A Dr. Sketchy's is growing on every continent and thankfully there is a chapter right here in my new town of La…