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Hello again to any out there.

The past few months have been busy, busy, and more busy with Weddings, parties and well you name it and I couldn't quite get to blog.

So, this past weekend I rounded up the last of my Weddings with the exception of one Reception which will be in December and also the great "Breakfast with Santa" hosted by the Moms Club of Buckingham. A fun great Charity I've had the honor of doing 3 years in a row now. Truly fun to see all the kids smiling up or um, crying up at Santa... ;)

I've also just recently completed a CD to give to the Charity I volunteered to photograph on September 22, 2007, called Operation First Response. St. Andrews, the church I got married at threw a great fund raiser and silent auction for this great cause which helps our wounded heroes who come home and are financially in need.

There were all kinds of fun activities with face painting to dunk tank to military vehicles. There was …