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2015 - Let's Do This!

HAPPY NEW 2015 YEAR!  I do hope the year has started everyone off with happiness, love and new rewarding adventures. 

So far this year, A new computer, updated photo equipment and a drive to create more and more amazing moments in time is motivating me unlike any other. 

And starting it off with a fun image of one amazing woman!  The Beautiful Kitschy Koo, who not only performs burlesque in several fun Neo Burlesque shows here around Las Vegas, but who is a very talented Sketch and graphic artist and who also has been a major help last year modeling in several sessions of Dr. Sketchy's Las Vegas, which I also produce and host.  I've dubbed her Dr. Sketchy's Art Monkey of the year 2014.

The image captured below is from one Dr. Sketchy's Las Vegas session held in 2014.  She will be there, at Artifice next month February 19th, 2015 for my new addiction theme Dr. Who!

For more details on Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School Las Vegas, please click here

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