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So it has been yet another month since I posted.

It has been one hectic month with many ups and downs.

I've been on Jenny Craig now for 6 weeks total and loss of a total 5.8Ibs with 5.5 inches off. Not TOO bad considering I was already semi-healthy. I have 20Ibs more to go. I hope to get it all off and keep it all off until I am at least 60... ;)

Still striving to get my website built - it has been more stressful than I care to mention. But I do have a layout out invisioned now that is simple, elegant and easy to manage (I hope) :)

I have also been photographing Weddings and other misc. things are getting accomplished. There is so many it is hard to complete all of them. But so far so good.

I will definately put more photos up within the coming weeks. I just want to get one thing accomlished at a time so I am not overwhelmed with deadlines.

Also the Months of July and August is Birthday Season - broke time - so Weddings in the midst of birthdays is, well, let's just say my house nee…