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Keywest - April 23, 2006

Disney Cruise - Day 2

The second day was a great beginning to a long fun and relaxing party! We only went a little way down the coast to Keywest, a place I was never at and found out was the party city of Florida. I haven't walked around the town with alcoholic beverages since I was in Vegas my first time and I was just as astonished at Keywest as I was in Vegas. I guess growing up in Pennsylvania and not having the freedom to go into a grocery store to get alcohol on a Sunday night is foreign to me, so anywhere they let you walk around freely in and out of bars with drinks is like turning 21 again.

Before deboarding, we met up with Amanda, Keith, Ava (Kaleel stayed and had a blast on the boat), Brian, Gina, Skylar and Jordan. Somewhere along the way we got separated, but it was all good - I mean we all had to get back on the ship... :)

Our ship docked at Keywest. Before heading off we explored the ship some more. This was on the top deck next to the sport area. It was a littl…

The Disney Cruise - April 22-29, 2006

April 22, 2006

We had the ultimate privilege in April, to be treated to a fantastic and most memorable family vacation on a 7 night Disney Cruise. My Father and Step-mother were being VERY generous and treated us Kids and Grandkids (20 of us to be exact) to this dream vacation and then some, since they spoiled us all with Veranda's! So to say the least - if Dave and I go on another Cruise a port hole is just not going to cut it, and now that I think of it another Cruise line may not cut it. :)

I am probably going to sound like an advertisement, but let me say that Disney not only knows how to treat the kids, they know how to make you feel like a King and Queen. Dave and I were the only ones in the family crowd who did not have kids "yet" and we both absolutely recommend cruising the seas with Mickey & Minni. It was heaven. And from what I saw with my siblings who do have kids they loved dropping the kids off to play for a day as they got to catch up on some R &am…

Lauren & Mark Maxwell - April 1, 2006

April 1, 2006 was the first wedding of the 2006 year.

Lauren & Mark were such a fun and great couple who absolutely loved red and beer. Their Ceremony & Reception took place at Stoudt's Brewery in Adamstown, PA.

The Ceremony was in an outdoor cove in between the Restaurant and the Brewery itself.

There was one part of the Ceremony that really brought out how much fun this couple is and how they really wanted to bring their personality and vision into their Big Day. There is a Native American wedding tradition where the parents of the Bride and Groom pour a liquid into a Wedding vase which has two spouts , the Bride & Groom drink from the same vase symbolizing two becoming one Well Lauren and Mark wanted to put a new twist on this tradition, instead of using water or juice or what is normally used, they chose to fill a stein up with two different beers and drink from the stein.

I thought it was a definite new twist on a beautiful old tradition.

Below are just some of the…