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April to October

Many, many things have happened since my Vacation to California. Several exciting and some unfortunate learning experiences.

However the the most important and life changing that has happened has been my decision on where to move and I picked Las Vegas, Nevada. Yep, the last several months I've been deciding, planning, researching, finding where to live and of course packing. It had and has been a whirlwind of changes and each and every one of them I am proud and happy I made.

So now I am in Las Vegas, Nevada starting a new chapter and most definitely loving the weather. I have moved in with two incredible roommates who also took the chance on their dreams to come out here and start fresh.

I've also met another friend who has been inspiring to jump start my career. Granted it took 2 months to calm down from being in the (twiddle my thumbs) desk job I held back in Pennsylvania to, as my roommates put it, a "stay-cation". It took a little bit to get motivation up b…