Maternity and Dry Lake Bed

I must say, Maternity shoots are so intimate and loving to photograph, I feel honored anytime someone asks me to capture this fundamental time in their lives.  Especially when the Mom-to-be is as adventurous as I am!  Yes please! 

Ariana is one of those Mom-to-Be's.  I gave her a few options to choose from for potential shoot locations and she immediately went for the Dry Lake Bed.  There wasn't even a hint of hesitation.

I just said softly to myself,  'sweet'. 

I absolutely love the atmosphere that a Dry Lake Bed brings to a shoot. So many interpretations.  In the case of a maternity shoot? I feel it speaks of a spirit coming to life. Birth and bringing joy, happiness and adventure into a beautiful family.

Thank you Ariana for letting me have a small part in the beginning to your next adventure.

See some of the photos below and let me know what you think?

RatCity Rukkus, 2017

I have a confession, I love cars!
Yes, I absolutely love cars! Especially older 50's and 60's cars and Trucks.
Fast cars, and to my surprise, RAT RODS!  Whaaaaat?

Although my two dream cars are the 1965 to 67' Mustang or the 55 to 57 Bel-air.

In the last 5 years, I've been with someone who happens to also share my love for cars and trucks, although he is a wee bit more obsessed than I am and so, he bought Murdock, a 1960 Chevrolet Double pig nosed Truck he dubbed Murdock and I have so lovingly dubbed Murdy. And yes, this name has everything to do with the A-team reference.

With this Truck and through amazing friends we joined the Junkyard Pirates.  We are now privileged club members who get to "Drag out our Junk" and meet amazing like minded car and truck lovers.  Many turn their vehicles into amazing works of Rat Rod Art, such as Jac Lindell, who made Frankenbug.  He is also a Pirate.

Every year the JunkYard Pirates put on an amazing, must see car show calle…

May Family Shoot

Yes!  We do Family Photo Sessions! 

I have had some inquiries as to the type of "portrait sessions" that I like to photograph, well I do love them all, and one in particular; family shoots. I must tell you a little secret, I love to do Family photos, as I have a huge family myself and I understand how hard it is to get the moments a true tight knitch family shares when all are gathered together. 

Take Virginia's family, she came up to me one day asking this very question and said her first Grandchild, along with her son From LA were coming into town to be together and she wanted an on the spot shoot.  I jumped at the chance and immediately knew the perfect place, Floyd Lamb Park. 

It is one of the most beautiful parks in Las Vegas, with several man made lakes and massive trees everywhere.  It is a must see, especially if you believe the desert would never have such"green" things.

We had a beautiful sunny Saturday morning.  It was a bit windy, so strategic timi…