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Kristy & Scott

Since I am on a little roll with posting today, I wanted to share an engagement session I took of this beautiful couple who will be getting Married in October at the fabulous Paiute Golf Resort!  Yes, yours truly will be attending and photographing.  Can not wait for it!

I am also looking forward to their Texas themed wedding. When I hear Kristy talk so enthusiastically about the details that will be around the reception, it makes me just as excited as she!  I will be rockin the detail photos!

So for their engagement photos, I thought it would be a fun idea (and Kristy agreed and found the perfect place) some nature engagement photos.  Kristy found and decided on Floyd Lamb Park, which until she mentioned it, never heard of.  It is a great old farm with everything from massive trees, to lakes, to buildings to peacocks roaming the grounds calling their mating call.  I'll definitely be revisiting this place again, especially on the flea market days.  (Kristy, that bread I bought wa…

Rita and Pat Antonelli Get Hitched

It's been a bit since my last post and what better way to get back in the "blog" saddle again then with Rita and Pat's Engagement and Wedding photos?

This couple is near and dear to me since I worked with the Bride Rita at an old job where we had a blast together.  I felt so honored when she called me up to be the one to capture their day.

I have to say I was a little nervous, due to her being a friend.  For those of you who know what I am talking about with any kind of business relationship with a close friend.  It is a little nerve racking, let alone on their biggest day! (I do hope to be there for their next big event, dare I say newborn?)

You can definitely see the love Rita and Pat share when they are together.  They truly have a love story that melted my heart.  Chivalry is not dead, I say.

Take a few moments to see their story unfold, between the engagement session, where we had a great time downtown and their incredible Wedding day at the World Market Cen…