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Studio Time with Sharelle

Time in the studio so far has been great and so much fun! I recently had the privilege to work with my friend and roommate Sharelle.  She is starting to look into modeling at conventions and I snagged the chance to finally get her in front of the lens.  Below are some shots from our session.

Looking forward to the next shoot in the studio and of course in my favorite location, out in the natural beauty that is Mother Earth.  
Until next time!
xoxo  M

Photo Studio Is In the House

The last couple of months have been very productive and I, along with a great friend has helped me set up my photo studio.  I've been able to complete 2 photo shoots so far and below are the results.  I am absolutely thrilled to be "BACK in the SADDLE again" (as Mr. Steven Tyler so elequently belts out)!

The Studio is now running.  If you are interested in setting up an appointment, please email MHA Photography at