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Solo Photo vacation Part 1

I haven't written in a Very long time and again, again, and again, have been trying to start a new trend with myself to write more often. I've been through ALOT these last few years and big decisions are being made as I write this.

My photography will still be my number one motivator in career, but where I'll be doing it will be defining my decisions and new adventures.

Hence my solo Vacation.

I wanted to go on vacation to see several things, to research possible moving destinations, see who I am and how I handle myself on my own in a foreign State (away from family) and to get off my ass and go on vacation. I mean, really, who says you can not go on vacation by yourself... I go to the movies on my own when I really want to see a movie, I go out to eat so why not a Vacation... Who says you have to be with someone to do something you want to do? I've heard it all since planning it and one of the top questions... "You are going by yourself?!?" "that is bold!&…