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New Website

Ok - so I do not have any viewers, yet... But all that is going to change VERY soon! I have found the best webhosting/design website for artists like me!

I am so incredibly excited about the website I put together and will be launching it sometime in the next few days! Yes it will need tweaking since I am way too anxious to get it up and running, but with in the coming months I should have it pretty much perfected with links, photos of my work and whatever else I can think of as I go.

Last weekend I was surfing the net - and this is why I love Google so much - I stumbled upon a another photographers website (admiring how professional it looked) and I happened to notice a small - itty bitty icon at the top of his page, so what else is there to do then to CLICK on it? Right? :P

So that icon took me to Other Peoples Pixels and well - they have taken my anxioty of finding a reasonable/affordable web design site away. They are the perfect match of design and webhosting all wrapped up into…