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A Happy New Year!

I got so much accomplished today! One day from the new year and I have already started getting this house organized and cleaned up (just have to keep going). I now have about 4 more rooms to do this winter and I can relax. I so want to be able to stop thinking about the house and start thinking more about a. my business b. cooking more meals c. start trying to garden (herb garden) and d. play video games once in awhile and to just relax and know I can.

I hope someday that happens. :)

So my last entry on the 28th stated I would put those fun Christmas photos of Bootsy and Tinkerbell up on the blog, and here they are!

Well first I have to put up the photos I took for our Christmas cards. This one actually didn't make it, due to well, I forgot about it.

The Second photo below was the one I used on several friend and co-worker cards as well as the faded background on the Kitten collage Christmas card, which was used for the majority of our family this year.

Each year I like to do thre…

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

It is December 28, 2006 and I am FINALLY getting over a horrible cough, sore throat, crappy congestion and unfortunately for my husband, my voice is coming back... :)

I am wishing you all (if anyone even, remotely looks at this blog yet) a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful Christmas, with the exception of me coming down with, whatever it is I have /had. The weekend started off with our kitchen completion (well everything but one cabinet), we have a faucet people, we have a faucet!

I cleaned up the dining area, we can actually see the dining room table! And almost completely decorated for Christmas morning.

This has been the strangest, yet wonderful Christmas:
1. I/we had Christmas shopping completed December 15th, I know, a miracle.
2. Our decorations were not completely up and yet Christmas morning was better than ever (no ornaments on the tree), I know, how could I?
3. I did not bake ANY Cookies this year. I feel so unaccomplished without having done…
Oh and here are the tongue / play shots



The Kids!

I did a little photo shoot of my kittens experimenting with lighting and actually getting some animal photos with the light and background. Bootsy Collins and Tinkerbell were not cooperating as much I hoped they would, but I got a couple of fun shots - I mean they are my new babies after all.. ;P



Coming Soon

It has been a very long time since I have written on my new blog and hopfully within the next few months this will change. I am currently working on a brand new website that will show off my new and updated wedding photos (in a timely and fun way) as well as me, being able to talk/write about my favorite photos of each Wedding, engagement, birthday and experience in photography I have had through out the months and future months. And of course if ANYONE is interested in some of the things I have to say. ;)

I have been to SEVERAL birthdays this summer - many milestones (my family are ALL SUMMER babies) and many fun and exciting weddings! So stay tuned!

First Entry

This is my first entry on my new blog. It is early morning and I should get ready for work, however I wanted get this started while I thought of it. This new blog will be a new way of showing off my favorite photos I have taken as well as the stories behind them and to perhaps keep my family, friends and clients updated on my progress into the world of full-time photography.