Maternity and Dry Lake Bed

I must say, Maternity shoots are so intimate and loving to photograph, I feel honored anytime someone asks me to capture this fundamental time in their lives.  Especially when the Mom-to-be is as adventurous as I am!  Yes please! 

Ariana is one of those Mom-to-Be's.  I gave her a few options to choose from for potential shoot locations and she immediately went for the Dry Lake Bed.  There wasn't even a hint of hesitation.

I just said softly to myself,  'sweet'. 

I absolutely love the atmosphere that a Dry Lake Bed brings to a shoot. So many interpretations.  In the case of a maternity shoot? I feel it speaks of a spirit coming to life. Birth and bringing joy, happiness and adventure into a beautiful family.

Thank you Ariana for letting me have a small part in the beginning to your next adventure.

See some of the photos below and let me know what you think?


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