Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School

Dr. Sketchy's The Anti-Art School was introduced to me back in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by an incredibly talented friend Steve Cleff (who now runs the Philadelphia Dr. Sketchy's chapter, previously run by Nicola Black) before I came out to Las Vegas. I am a huge supporter of art and was very anxious to find out more about this once a month outting.

I had an awesome time at the Super Heroes vs. Super Villains session. My photography eye widened with excitement as I went into an artistic inspirational flow. I started snapping away, looking for a way to create artful images and to photograph models. Something I haven't done exclusively yet and have been wanting to do so for some time now.  Below are some images from that first themed session.

Now that I am in Las Vegas I was very happy to find out that Dr. Sketchy's is a nationwide and worldwide phenomena. A Dr. Sketchy's is growing on every continent and thankfully there is a chapter right here in my new town of Las Vegas, Nevada. I immediately contacted the Chapter head Cha Cha Velour to see if I was able to photograph sessions. Cha Cha, who is also an awesome and well known Burlesque dancer and one of the models who occasionally poses in the Vegas sessions was eager for another photographer to participate.

I attended my first Las Vegas session in November 2009. The Model and Burlesque dancer was Miss. Karla Joy and a fellow member of the Las Vegas Chapter of the Zombie Squad (but that little link is for another blog post...). The night was fun, I met a lot of great new people who were into the art scene as much as I was, although I did learn something about Las Vegas that night. The Art Scene in Las Vegas is not like it is in Philadelphia. It is a lot less known out here. Almost as if the gambling out weighs the art culture that could actually be thriving out here. It seems the artistic, the real art out here and the talented people who should be seen get set aside. They are the underground out here rather then embraced and flaunted as they should be for their talent.

So I want to promote Dr. Sketchy's as much as possible. To show that there are people out here who are passionate and love the arts, who love to draw, paint, sketch, write, sing, dance and as I do, photograph. It isn't all just flashing lights and gambling.

Ok back to November session (since I am trying to catch up on my blogging... ;) )

Here are some photos from that session: Slideshow style... Hoping this works... :)

Well... It is a small slideshow... Next time I'll make it larger. I have to get ready for work at the moment so no time to create for January's session with Lisa or February's session with Diamond Minx.

And yes I am getting caught up on my time here in Las Vegas. Finally starting to get grounded out here and I hope to obtain a more substantial occupation so I can start blogging more often and share my experiences both in life and photography...

Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!

Until next time...


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