May Family Shoot

Yes!  We do Family Photo Sessions! 

I have had some inquiries as to the type of "portrait sessions" that I like to photograph, well I do love them all, and one in particular; family shoots. I must tell you a little secret, I love to do Family photos, as I have a huge family myself and I understand how hard it is to get the moments a true tight knitch family shares when all are gathered together. 

Take Virginia's family, she came up to me one day asking this very question and said her first Grandchild, along with her son From LA were coming into town to be together and she wanted an on the spot shoot.  I jumped at the chance and immediately knew the perfect place, Floyd Lamb Park. 

It is one of the most beautiful parks in Las Vegas, with several man made lakes and massive trees everywhere.  It is a must see, especially if you believe the desert would never have such"green" things.

We had a beautiful sunny Saturday morning.  It was a bit windy, so strategic timing on my part was a must to make certain we got everything Virginia wanted. 

It was an honor to be with this loving family who adores each other, and even more so with the new bundle of joy who was sucking up all the attention.  Adorable, I mean just look at him.  If I had stayed any longer I would have given the little guy his own shoot.

Enjoy the photos of Virginia and her Family.

And remember, if you'd like to capture your family just as they are, please contact MHA Photography for your photography needs.


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