It has been a long minute since I've posted to the blog.  To be quite frank, due to Facebook ease and all the other Social Media outlets, my time management ran away with me and I have been more active over on those sites.  

However; not anymore!  I plan on creating time for my business, and a better outlet than JUST Facebook.  I am currently working on a commercial and need to get everyone back up to speed who, I hope, used to enjoy my mini blog sneak peeks into my photoshoots, weddings and events.

And if you had not already known; I also run two other ventures with which I will be posting blogs as well; those blog sites are Dr. Sketchy's Las Vegas and Underground Showcase Live (although Underground will be a bit slower until I can hit the ground running).  As you may or may not have known, Dr. Sketchy's Las Vegas has been my side, "all for the love of it" project; for the amazing artists of the Las Vegas art community.  So with that said, it has been quite a busy "minute" since my last writing and I'd like to share post-by-post.

So, without further adieu, let the posting begin in 2017!  

Look out for:
Ronnie and Dave 
Krystal and William
Skin City Brunch Foto Fun
Rat City Rukkus
Rod Rally Car Show
Wild Boys Entertainment (What?!)
Burlesque (so many amazing shows it would be a long list)
Getting back into Fine Art


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