Krystal Austin and William White

On November, 19th 2016, I had the privilege of photographing wedding formals around town for this adorable amazing and photogenic couple!  I have never worked with such simplicity before (meaning no direction needed).  They were the perfect most natural models for a perfect "3 hour tour" around Las Vegas, Krystal and William!  You are two peas in a pod.

We started at the Graceland Chapel after they were hitched, since Graceland has their own hired hands for such labor.  Beautiful grounds by the way.  We then went towards Freemont for the infectious art work around the area (ahem, love my art community).   Next stop Neon Museum, which by the way, if you have never been, it is a MUST see.  The historic value alone...

We then went to the Fabulous Las Vegas sign (line a mile long) and rounded our tour in front of the Bellagio and Paris.  They had me for 3 hours, but I couldn't help but stay a wee bit longer.  They are just simply an amazing couple and so happy they found each other.

So, without further adieu, let's get to some photo action, shall we?

Only a few at each stop:

Next stop -

Love Random Charlie Chaplan

 You two shine when you are together and I couldn't have been more honored to be a part of your special day in Las Vegas.

Thank you for choosing MHA Photography.

"The Best Thing to Hold onto in life is each other"  Audrey Hepburn

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