Ronnie and Dave Johnson (Magic In The Air)

On March 13, 2016, I was honored and had the privilege of photographing two amazing friends; Ronnie and Dave Johnson.  Their story is Magic with a little Disney twist.

I've known these two since a little after I moved to Las Vegas 7 years ago (holy cow, 7 years?). Time flies.  Dave is a magician on the Las Vegas scene and Ronnie a Singer/Performer (now a magician's quirky and beautiful assistant) Check out their website for any upcoming shows or bookings you might want to throw their way.  They are the warmest, most friendly and loving people I know and I truly am blessed to have captured and shared their day.  They also helped with my (hopeful someday it will be done soon, commercial) by getting back into the gown and suit for the video shoot.

They are the best to work with and so photogenic; I couldn't be more thrilled to share their story in the engagement and wedding photos below.  Congratulations to you both, again!

The Engagement Session





What a Fun and memorable day!


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